Make your knives razor-sharp in just 3 moves!

This secret has been carefully kept by the Hollywood chefs for years!

  • Razor-sharp knives in just 3 moves!
  • It sharpens all kinds of knives, scissors and other cutting tools!
  • It sticks perfectly on every kitchen surface!
  • Sharpening knives has never been quicker or easier!
„Salvation for me“
„I have been living in the fast lane! I am employed full time, and considering that I am a single parent, everything depends on me. So when I come home from work and get into the kitchen I don’t know where to start from. With this knife sharpener cooking has become much easier. Not only that I prepare the ingredients for cooking faster, but when I need to sharpen a knife, I just pull it through the Laser Sharpener. Plus I use only one hand for that, so I can do something else with the other!!! Being always on the edge with time, it’s a salvation for me!” *
„Ideal for my kitchen“
„My kitchen is so small that the things like this holder can be very useful. Because it takes up so little space, and the best thing is that I can put it practically anywhere! My husband wanted to check if it can be placed upside down, so we put it on the ceiling :) Then we tried sharpening knives that way and we had a lot of fun. Vacuum locks it in position so well, it’s incredible. That’s why it is impossible to get hurt while sharpening, and that means a lot too. All summed up, I am very pleased with my new knife sharpener.” *
„I became a true chef“
„I’ve always liked preparing food, but since I started with my studies I haven’t been doing it as often, because I haven’t had a well-equipped kitchen. When they rent flats to us students, the landlords save pretty much on everything. The same goes with the kitchen too, 2-3 pans, a couple of spoons, forks and blunt knives and that’s it. However, my sister, who knows about my passion for cooking, gave me the Laser Sharpener. So I started spending more time in the kitchen and I have become an even better cook, nearly a Master Chef! I prepare dinner all the time, and the girls from my faculty really like that :)” *
„I was wrong“
„My wife can be really quick and naive sometimes, so we have home packed with things she buys and we never use. It happened with our electrical knife sharpener; it worked fine only for 3-4 months and then it broke. So when I heard that she ordered another sharpener, I got mad. However, after only a few days, I had to apologize to her. This sharpener is something completely different from the previous one. The only thing that bothers me now is my wife gloating, but it doesn’t stop me from telling her that an exception doesn’t justify a rule.” *